Weight Loss Programs With Medical Assistance

Weight Loss Programs With Medical Assistance

There are many people who need to lose some extra pounds. There are probably near as many programs for them to lose it with. There are weight loss programs that offer medical support and those that do not. The medical ones are often more expensive that the non-medically supervised one. The medically supervised ones often allow you to lose the weight faster.

Most of these medically supervised programs involve many aspects of your life. These types of programs usually develop a personalized program for you to help you to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Most of these programs have longer maintenance phases for the prevention of future weight gain.

These programs are almost always supervised by doctors and other medical professionals. The first thing you should do before beginning any reducing program is see a doctor for advice anyway. A doctor will monitor your progress, provide advice and support while you are on your journey to reducing your weight and will make any changes he or she deems necessary to your treatment plan. A realistic weight loss goal should be the first thing they identify.

Many of these medically supervised programs work similar to the nationally advertised commercial programs. They provide weekly weigh in, one on one counseling about the weight loss program and they sell their own “diet” supplements and products.

The costs of medically supervised programs are usually the biggest difference you will notice right away. These medically supervised programs cost considerably more than the commercial ones do. Many work on the idea of meal replacement shakes and bars, others allow you only special shakes three times a day for a few weeks. This of course causes you to lose weight faster. Commercial programs give you more food but you do not lose the weight as fast.

Some hospitals run medically supervised programs for weight loss. They may have programs for people who want to lose several pounds or more. They also often have programs for people considering lap band or bariatric surgery. This type of programs is great for surgery patients as they get to meet and speak with people who have been through the surgery already (and get to see the results).

So, are these medically supervised programs any better? In terms of amount of weight lost yes. They are generally more expensive (except the ones for bariatric and lap band patients usually covered by insurance). Are the any better than commercial programs? Well, the commercial programs if followed properly are all good; you just lose the weight slower.