Waterproofing Mobile Phone Gadgets

Waterproofing Mobile Phone Gadgets

IN an era when many Americans have been heavily dependent on their high-end mobile phone gadgets to run their business or do their daily stuffs, it is imperative that we take them anywhere — even on a weekend break at the beach.

But taking your mobile gadget phones could turn nasty once you accidentally drop your gadget into the water. Most electronic gadgets like the mobile phones and music players are so sensitive that it bogs down once it is soaked into water or gets wet.

We actually have two options: buy ourselves waterproof electronic gadgets or waterproof it ourselves.

Too Good to be True

There are few claims on water-resistant mobile phones but nobody’s buying the idea for that simple reason that the claim is “too good to be true”.

Even if claims were real, prices could be so much more expensive that a typical American busy individual can actually afford. It’s just too much for something that hasn’t even been proven and tested by a significant chunk of the consumer market.

Recent developments however show that China has started manufacturing and selling “waterproof touch-screen mobile phones” pegged at a price that is far cheaper than those manufactured in the United States and Europe. Chinese mobile handset makers are simply amazing ever time they come out with something new out of something that is also relatively new in the global market.

Condoms as Water Repellent

Even the Navy Seals are known to be using condoms in sealing their firearms for underwater military exercise or operation. These condoms protect their guns from salt water, which triggers rusting of metals.

Condoms have also been used to seal cameras for underwater use. Why not mobile phones?

Waterproofing of the mobile phones and other electronic gadgets is easy. We would need condoms (3), desiccant packet and “krazy” glue. All you have to do is to inset the mobile phone or electronic gadget into the first condom along with the desiccant packet and tie a knot at the opening. Do the same thing, twice over before you finally do the final sealing procedure using the glue.

Finish!. You can stay connected as you take your mobile phone or any electronic gadget anywhere — even 35 meters under the sea, without getting it wet. By the way, condoms that we should use in the process are those which are transparent or un-lubricated.

Waterproof Membrane Soon

Aside from condoms, news came out about this thing called as “Waterproof Membrane”. It is actually a do-it-yourself adhesive product that literally covers your entire cellular phone unit with transparent membrane.

In July 2008, a coating membrane was developed especially for electronic gadgets. It was first heard from Northeast Maritime Institute. Branded as “Golden Shellback”, the coating produces non-flammable vacuum-filled film capable of waterproofing electronic devices. Waterproofing membranes are usually utilized to seal cracks in walls, boats, sea vessels, water tanks, swimming pools, among others.

Videos on how to use the waterproofing membrane in mobile gadget phones appear simple enough. You just simply pour it on the surface that you wish to seal. The product however has yet been globally made available, although reports say that several manufacturers intend global distribution early next year.

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