Top Gadgets That Are Hard to Live Without

Top Gadgets That Are Hard to Live Without

It was decades ago that a gadget shown in a science fiction movie used to be thought as a superior technology which is impossible to be invented. Then came a time when the gadgets from the 1970’s and 1980’s movies actually began to hit the shelves and quickly became the hype for years to come. Today we are living in a time where the gadgets get to the public before getting their fifteen minutes of silver screen. We are actually living in the era of gadgets and gizmos. You cannot tell that a guy walking past you in a hooded jacket may be loaded with gadgets worth more than your Armani suit. They are so many and so irresistible that you cannot keep your hands off them, no matter what they cost. And they quickly become a rage, take the iPod for instance. Today a person without an iPod is like a PC without an internet connection. To understand how many iPods are bought each year, you should pay a visit to a repair shop where you will find a heap of iPod screens and other iPod parts. And do you think these addicts would not already have bought a newer one?

Just like that, there are some more gadgets that have become an essential part of almost everybody’s life now. A life without them is unimaginable. This long lasting impact of technology is not because of its sleek style, but also their smartness and convenience. We have sorted down a few of the most popular gadgets that have made our lives so simple that it is impossible to live without them now.

Portable Storage: Probably most of you do not even remember the times when people used to carry their data on an unreliable floppy disk or CDs. At that time, most people found it easier to travel with filed hard copies rather than those sensitive storage devices. And then came the portable storage technology, and wasn’t it magical? Now you can literally travel with your whole hard disk in your pocket.

Mp3 players: No wonder music is the life for many people. Not necessarily the ones who are gifted with talented fingers and vocal chords, but also for those who have sound ear drums. This is what makes mp3 players one must have gadget of our times. And by the number seen in the repair shop, it is beyond doubt that these devices are here to stay.

Bluetooth: It is kind of funny when a gorgeous looking girl passes by you in a shopping mall and whispers something utterly romantic. You turn around only to be amused by a Bluetooth device flashing behind her blonde locks. Yet thanks to the amazing wireless technology, you had your moment of ultimate happiness. Now take a picture if that girl does not mind and you can share it with another friend via Bluetooth.

Digital camera: Long ago people used to consider Polaroid cameras as the best technology ever invented. Well, that still holds its position in some of the best gadgets of all time. Yet, maybe it is a bit too big for our times. We just cannot afford to miss any single memorable shot just because our pockets are too small. The modern digital cameras can fit even in the most skin fitted jeans you can find. This gadget surely keeps you smiling.