The modest bathroom scale has gone upscale

Those old-fashioned, spring-driven dial scales never seemed to be trustworthy. Step on them one time, get one reading. Step on it again a half-minute later, get another reading. Didn’t like that one? Try again.

They were single-taskers, too: Body weight was all they gave out. They didn’t remember from one day to the next what a previous weigh-in might have been.

Digital scales, which mainly use electronics to measure bending metal as it is put under pressure, tend to be more accurate and consistent. The results are displayed on a digital screen, and can include not only weight, but body-mass index, water percentage, and other measurements. Small wonder that digital scales outstripped the sales of analog scales years ago.

“In general, digital bathroom scales are more accurate than mechanical ones,” said an article from a 2018 Wirecutter article. That has become even more so in the past four years since that article appeared.