Sleep Aid Gadgets

Sleep Aid Gadgets

Sleep, that fundamental human process that lets us relax and recover after a hard days stress, allows us to recuperate from the worries of the world and which if we are deprived of, will drive us insane. Sleep deprivation however it is so caused, wears down the victim gradually, creating a washed up feeling and unpleasant cycle of disorientation, lack of concentration and extreme mood swings, and takes a major physiological and psychological toll on the victim.

There are a number of products that are currently on the market and which offer some relief from disturbed and abnormal sleeping patterns. Such products offer a major advantage over prescription drugs, drugs have a number of harmful side effects, and can in the long term can cause dependency.

If your partners snoring, or other constant and irritating sounds are keeping you awake at night then you may want to consider purchasing a white noise machine, these machines work as a sort of filter, effectively masking the sounds that distract you. The actual term “white noise” is rather misleading, as white noise as we know it, is not a noise as such but rather a sound frequency that emits a gentle sound, the sort of sound heard in low level static for a radio.

The white noise contains an equal frequency of all sounds at all pitches and volumes, this then neutralises more obnoxious noise, the reason for the “white” part of the name is that the colour white consists of elements of all colours, in this context however, it is elements of all sound frequencies. This is why turning on some random electrical appliance does not work, such devices create noise of a specific pitch and frequency, not across the whole spectrum.

Another major reason why people tend to have trouble sleeping is because they, or their partner snore. Snoring is very loud breathing during sleep, but snoring is much more than a mere nuisance, it poses major health risks such as hypertension.

Part of the problem with snoring, and poor sleeping habits in general is poor sleep posture, with the body resting in a very convoluted and unnatural way. This places major strain on the neck and shoulder of a person, causing pain and interfering with the natural sleeping pattern.
In order to better deal with this, there are anti-snoring pillows on the market, which have been specifically designed to give the most support to the neck and shoulders so as to facilitate the breathing process.

In some people, when they are asleep the windpipe which carries air in and out of the body becomes obstructed, meaning that air is unable to reach the lungs and this is commonly referred to as sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea can be better treated by using a continuous positive airway pressure device (CPAP), which utilises air pressure to open your throat by manipulating your tongue. Please note that CPAP does not cure sleep apnea per se, but it will go a long way in dramatically reducing the symptoms.