Edge, Chrome Browsers Can Lag on Alder Lake PCs Due to GPU

Intel has admitted a graphics driver bug that can cause severe lagging of Chromium-based web browsers on some of the systems that use the company’s 12th Generation Core Alder Lake processors with UHD Graphics 770 integrated GPU. The blue giant recommends updating software, changing settings, or switching to an SSD to resolve the issue.

“Recent Intel UHD Graphics 770 drivers for 12th Gen Intel Core Processors cause Edge and Chrome browsers to lag severely,” Intel’s description of the bug reads (opens in new tab) (via momomo_us (opens in new tab)). “The browsers behave like they are semi-frozen. Click response delay is 2 seconds, and scrolling is severely delayed and choppy. The issue can be replicated by opening a lot of tabs at once or scrolling and clicking around and using a mechanical hard disk drive (HDD).”