Consumer Vs Producer – How to Succeed With Affiliate Marketing

If there were 3 things you wish you knew before starting your affiliate marketing business, what would they be?

If you are a veteran affiliate marketer, knowing this information is an amazing place to start when communicating with your target audience.

However, if you are new to affiliate marketing, this information can be critical to your success with communicating what you need from your sponsor.

With our attention spans decreasing every year, it’s important that we distinguish between “consuming” content and “creating” content.

Time is a precious thing. It’s the one thing we can’t get back. Once we use it up, it’s GONE FOREVER.

So take a moment to message your email list right NOW… What do you have to offer these people who will benefit them in their own business’s. After all, if you can solve a problem they are facing, you will make money.

That is the beauty of digital marketing. You can literally create solutions to people’s problems and command money. It’s amazing!

So STOP consuming content and START producing content. If you can do at least one piece of content per day, it will inspire you to create even more content. As we know, the more content you have, the more potential there is to earn money online.

So what are the types of content you should create?

1.) Written content. Now, this isn’t as effective as it once was. However, written content still brings a ton of business to my own information marketing business.

I suggest writing at least 2 articles per day targeting the EXACT keywords your target audience are searching for. This will encourage you to work more often when you start getting high-quality leads into your business.

2.) Video content. This can be either screen-capture content or selfie content. The idea is to create videos that offer tips, tricks or solutions that people can use to better themselves or get what they want.

You can outsource this content easily on Fiverr. This website allows you to find the exact people who can create your content for you.

3.) Audio content. Just like video content, audio content can give your audience insights into what you offer. Just like the famous podcast super star Joe Rogan, you should create audio content that your audience will LOVE.

Pick the best content creation strategy that works for you. Once you pick one, start producing as soon as possible!

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