Beware of Fraudulent Make Money Programs

Beware of Fraudulent Make Money Programs

Every brave unwary soul that dares to look for make money opportunities online has been and will be hit by all sorts of fraudulent programs. A wide eyed newbie will soon lose the zest and zeal for internet business after being duped into dubious programs all too often. Is there hope for the average person to earn a decent living from the internet without being cheated?

YES. Educate yourself and beware of fraudulent make money programs.

Affiliate program is one of the most profitable online businesses that one can get into. By promoting other peoples’ products, one can get paid 50% or more of the sale if done right. What I actually do is find myself a ‘mentor’ (product owner and/or super affiliate with good reputation) to follow and subscribe to his/her list. Several mentors’ lists in fact.

I take all the free offers they give out generously and keep studying the free reports to see if I can understand the mumbo-jumbos. I do not buy their programs immediately, but keep hanging around in the lists. I compare several programs to see which makes the most sense to me, are easy to follow and are affordable. I even try out the one or two methods or free software they give for me to ‘test drive’.

The mentors (or gurus?) who know how to treat their list members well usually give lots of free stuff, useful information, discounts, bonuses, and practical advice. They constantly motivate you to take action to succeed (and buy their stuff of course). The ones that exude ‘feel-good’ vibes usually get my loyalty. They are to be trusted when they recommend products for you to try, and advise you on fraudulent make money programs you should be aware of.

I also look into warrior forum (and other online business forums) to see what other buyers say about a program. Here is where like minded people hang out to discuss all kinds of internet marketing related stuff. The ‘experts’ can really open up the newbies’ eyes with all kinds of personal insights and wisdom. They guide others who wish to buy specific programs by answering all sorts of questions about the products.

To be even more aware of fake make money schemes, I will type the ‘product name review’ in Google and read the product reviews. There are always positive and negative reviews about program so-and-so, but I try to keep an open mind. Some people give negative reviews because they do not actually read and try out all the instructions properly. They actually need to spend enough time to implement all the methods, then only can they see real results.
Good programs may get negative reviews just because they did not get the full chance they deserve. Most people expect fast results without making the full effort required for success. When in doubt, I usually refer to experts’ reviews and recommendations.

I will also try to restrain myself from being easily drawn into the hype and too-good-to-be-true sales pitch. A lot of data entry programs are usually guilty of overhyping-half truths and empty promises. They are actually affiliate programs where you get paid when people buy the stuff you advertise, not by every data form you submit. The unexperienced newbie may not see through the scams and get cheated of his/her money.

Finally, I may decide to buy the program of a believable, consistent and ‘honest sounding’ guru to try out. He or she may also be established with several successful programs already.

After all the steps I take to beware of dishonest make money methods, the program may or may not live up to my expectation. To be save, I always choose a REFUNDABLE program like a ClickBank product. They’ve always refunded my money without fail when I ask for a refund, unlike some other work at home online opportunities.

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