AMR Energy Meter

AMR Energy Meter

The term AMR is an acronym for Automated Meter Reading. The term GSM is the acronym for General Mobilephones Standard while the acronym SMS stand for Short-Message-Service.

The AMR GSM based Energy Meter are International Electromechanical Commission (IEC) and American American National Standards Institute (ANSI) type that is using SMS communications to read energy consumption, disconnect and reconnect power supply and report electricity thieves.

The Energy Meter is having non volatile memory to secure data even if power supply is disconnected. It has lithium type of battery to support built-in clock and calendar which is necessity in getting data information.

This meter is the digital type without any moving parts like the past Electromechanical Meters. The obvious advantage for this digital meter does not need to be re calibrated every three years. A great savings on maintenance expenses with longer lifespan that can reach up to 15 years for digital meters.

The Control Center is equipped with Computer hardware and installed with computer program application to handle meter control and data communications and utilization. The AMR Server is responsible to transmit Short-Message-Service (SMS) code to the meters to read each consumption likewise received data transmitted by the meters. The other task of the AMR Server is to transfer load credit to every meters because the meters should have always enough load credit to transmit SMS.

The AMR Server is equipped with several GSM modems and every modem is capable to transmit 6 to 11 SMS per minute. In order to carry the maximum speed and efficiency of communications between the Control Center and the meters, the quantity of GSM modems being used will depend upon the number of meters handled.

All SMS communications will follow the regular Telecom provider rate. If there are huge quantity of the meters used in the project, the load credit can be negotiated with your local preferred Telecom for cheaper rate or better offer.

The postpaid metering is best suited for consumers situated in hard terrain or those not located in highrise building or Condos. This meter does not need a Data Concentrator and Data Collector like the traditional AMR structural setup.

In Prepaid metering, the Control Center can send SMS command to the meter to change in Prepaid metering mode. Under Prepaid mode, the meter requires Prepaid KWh credit in order to supply power to the consumer. If KWh Prepaid credit is almost exhausted, the meter LCD display will kept on blinking every 5 minutes. The consumer must buy KWh Prepaid credit to nearest recharge center to replenish the depleting KWh load credit.