Day: July 19, 2022


As CUDA Is To GPU, QODA is To Quantum Compute

In Nvidia’s decade and a half push to make GPU acceleration core to all kinds of high performance computing, a key component has been the CUDA parallel computing platform that made it easier for developers to create applications that can leverage graphics chips for general purpose processing.

The GPU maker correctly foresaw that libraries and algorithms needed to be in

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Internet Marketing

Meta Publishes New Report on the Importance of Building

Consumer behaviors are changing, and this week, Meta has published a new report, in partnership with GroupM, which highlights some of the key trends in online shopping engagement, and what they mean for your brand.

The 26-page report, which you can download here, examines the role of brand loyalty in the modern consumer process, and how businesses can better establish

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A Beginner’s Guide to Quantum Programming

Quantum Computing Concept

A new guide on programming quantum algorithms leads programmers through every step, from theory to implementing the algorithms on IBM’s publicly accessible 5-qubit ibmqx4 quantum computer and others.

The guide covers the fundamentals, along with a summary of the main quantum algorithms and instructions on how to implement them on publicly available quantum computers

As quantum computers proliferate and become

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Social Media

NY’s scrutiny of concealed carry applicants’ social media

A new requirement for New Yorkers seeking permits to carry concealed handguns is raising questions about how it will be enforced and whether it could survive potential legal challenges.

Starting in September, applicants for concealed carry permits must provide local officials with a list of their current and former social media accounts from the previous three years.

It will then

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Best wireless printer | WRIC ABC 8News

Which wireless printer is best? 

Most activities have shifted online, such as email replacing written letters or news websites becoming more popular than printed newspapers. But that doesn’t mean our desire to print something out is totally gone.

In fact, the global pandemic resurrected the home printer from a seemingly bygone era. Some estimates peg printer sales at a 30%

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