Day: July 17, 2022


SW/HW Framework for for GASNet-enabled FPGA Hardware

Researchers from KAIST and Flapmax published a new technical paper titled “FSHMEM: Supporting Partitioned Global Address Space on FPGAs for Large-Scale Hardware Acceleration Infrastructure.”


“By providing highly efficient one-sided communication with globally shared memory space, Partitioned Global Address Space (PGAS) has become one of the most promising parallel computing models in high-performance computing (HPC). Meanwhile, FPGA is getting attention

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Internet Marketing

Digital Marketing Courses Market Size to Grow by USD 1.37

Digital Marketing Courses Market: Segmentation Analysis & Forecasts

The market is segmented by Courses (academic courses and certification courses). The digital marketing courses market share growth by the academic course segment will be significant during the forecast period. Owing to its growing popularity and importance, digital marketing courses are in huge demand. Hence, many universities have started providing graduation and

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UHV Texas Women in Computing camp teaches programming to

The first ever computer program was written in the 1840s by a woman, Ada Lovelace, and that legacy of female programmers continued this week at the University of Houston-Victoria.

UHV’s Texas Women in Computing summer camp gave middle school girls in Victoria a chance to advance their computer science skills this week in a fun, engaging way.

Assistant Professor

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Social Media

Branden Lupinacci shares 6 Must-Do’s for Effective Social

Social media marketing can be a great way to connect with new and potential customers. It allows you to share your brand’s story and build relationships with people who might not have heard of your business. But social media marketing isn’t just about creating and sharing content—there’s a lot more to it. To make the most of social media marketing,

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Why Companies Won’t Be Able To Fleece Money From Customers

White goods and car makers will now have to provide additional product details so that consumers can fix their cars, laptops, mobile phone, and other gadgets themselves or from a third-party vendor not registered with the company. Often after an individual buys a laptop, mobile phone, car, or any other gadget he or she is dependent on the company for

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