Day: July 15, 2022


Brave Browser Not Working? 8 Ways To Fix It

The brave browser is rapidly gaining popularity among many Internet users because of its performance, built-in ad blocker, and Brave rewards, to name a few.

However, just like other browsers, it can also experience bugs and issues. Some common issues are browser crashing, freezing, and pages not displaying or loading. And in the worst cases, the browser fails to open.

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Internet Marketing

4RankingGrow CEO Ammad Ali shares Digital Marketing Tips

The digital industry is a broad, diversified, and ever-growing field with many emerging talents and entrepreneurs internationally. Internet and Social networks are stuffed with stories that how these entrepreneurs triumphed in the battle of success and scrambled their way to stay ahead of their competitors.

Ammad Ali is one of those incredible entrepreneurs who won his spurs by excellent, efficient,

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The blind programmers who created screen readers

On a night in 1978, Ted Henter was driving a rental car down a dark road in the English countryside. A 27-year-old motorcycle racer from Florida, Henter had just won eighth place in the Venezuelan Grand Prix, the first race of the 1978 World Championships. He was daydreaming about his next race in Spain when he saw the other car

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Social Media

New York’s scrutiny of concealed carry applicants’ social

WXXI/AP- A new requirement for New Yorkers seeking permits to carry concealed handguns is raising questions about how it will be enforced and whether it could survive potential legal challenges.

Starting in September, applicants for concealed carry permits must provide local officials with a list of their current and former social media accounts from the previous three years.

It will

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