Day: July 9, 2022


AV1 VDPAU Hardware Acceleration In FFmpeg Now Supported By

NVIDIA has added support to the open-source FFmpeg multimedia library to allow for the advantages of accelerated AV1 video encoding for compatible GPUs through the VDPAU API while utilizing the current-generational NVIDIA RTX 30 graphics cards that use the Ampere architecture.

NVIDIA receives AV1 VDPAU hardware acceleration with the updated FFmpeg multimedia library for use in compatible GPUs


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The Latin of Software Code Is Thriving

Caitlin Mooney is 24 years old and infatuated with technology that dates to the age of Sputnik.

Mooney, a recent New Jersey Institute of Technology graduate in computer science, is a fan of technologies that were hot a half-century ago, including computer mainframes and software called COBOL that powers them. That stuff won’t win any cool points in Silicon Valley,

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Social Media

Push to rein in social media sweeps the states

The states’ efforts — in the absence of federal action — could test governments’ ability to regulate speech, while forcing some of the nation’s wealthiest tech companies to fight an array of legal battles against laws that could upend their business models. These fights will also present courts with a fundamental debate about how the First Amendment plays out in

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